Happy New Year — 2013

Happy New YEAR!!

Yes. I know it’s January 11th. Yes. I know I’ve been a HORRIBLE blogger. I will TRY to do better. I promise.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would write in this first post. Of course I didn’t take notes on all of my ideas, but that will just make this a little more entertaining to write..and hopefully read.

2012 was a good year. I had the honor of standing by my friend Jennifer (Miller) Trusty as she married the love of her life. I (again) started my weight watchers journey. I continued to workout like a bad women adding crossfit to my list of exercises I love. I’m stronger both mentally & physically. I started working part-time for an attorney (I’ve learned so much). I’ve continued helping my clients find their dream home. I volunteered with HappyBottoms. ….and so much more!!

I am ready to continue all of the above and add more to my list for 2013!

Here are just a few of my goals for the year:
– Continue helping buyers and sellers. I love my clients & I love helping them find not just a house but a home.
– Get to my goal weight and MAINTAIN it.
– Run (jog) my first 5k. (I’ve done plenty but never run the entire 5k. I have succeeded in running 5 miles (on the treadmill), so I know this is possible!)
– Complete the triathlon at my gym.
– Continue to help grow the business at the Grover Law Firm (Law office I work for).
– Volunteer with HappyBottoms — helping provide diapers for Kansas City Babies
– Get back to sending monthly birthday cards to my friends & clients.
– Do Random Acts of Kindness throughout the year. (I have a few ideas up my sleeve and just sent a random gift today)
– Re-start my Kansas City “stay-cation” and experience more of the amazing things this town has to offer!

I know there are others, but this is a GREAT start. What are your goals for the year?

Here’s to an AMAZING 2013!!

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