In-Home Safety Checklist

In honor of Child Safety Month, here are a few tips from Charlie’s House on keeping your home safe.

– Learn more about household poisons by always checking labels.
– Secure dressers, tvs, bookcases & other tip-prone furniture to the wall with furniture straps.
– Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
– Keep a list of emergency numbers near the phone.
– Use plug covers or caps in all electrical outlets.
– Shorten corders on appliances that could be pulled down.
– Lock or latch cabinets that children should not get into.
– Use door knob covers.
– Test smoke alarms and change batteries every 6 months.
– Set hot water heater to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Move baby’s crib away from any window.
– Install window blind cord wind-ups.
– Apply stove and burner covers.
– Use back burners first when cooking.
– Purchase a fire extinguisher and store in the kitchen.
– Place knives and matches out of children’s reach.
– If you have a gun in your home make sure that is it stored unloaded and locked with amunition stored and locked separately.

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