What Is My Home Worth??

Thinking about moving?

Wanting to refinance?

Just curious what your home is worth??

Let me provide you with a FREE Home Valuation!!!

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In-Home Safety Checklist

In honor of Child Safety Month, here are a few tips from Charlie’s House on keeping your home safe.

– Learn more about household poisons by always checking labels.
– Secure dressers, tvs, bookcases & other tip-prone furniture to the wall with furniture straps.
– Install safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
– Keep a list of emergency numbers near the phone.
– Use plug covers or caps in all electrical outlets.
– Shorten corders on appliances that could be pulled down.
– Lock or latch cabinets that children should not get into.
– Use door knob covers.
– Test smoke alarms and change batteries every 6 months.
– Set hot water heater to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Move baby’s crib away from any window.
– Install window blind cord wind-ups.
– Apply stove and burner covers.
– Use back burners first when cooking.
– Purchase a fire extinguisher and store in the kitchen.
– Place knives and matches out of children’s reach.
– If you have a gun in your home make sure that is it stored unloaded and locked with amunition stored and locked separately.

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My New Favorite Kansas City Location — Prairie Fire

I have a new favorite place in Kansas City — Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire is located at 135th & Nall in Overland Park, KS. It has restaurants, shops & housing. Thanks to my friend Mark, the Director of Special Events, I got the pleasure of going to the friends & family event last weekend for Cocobolos – the new Michael Smith Restaurant. It was amazing!! We got to sample a few of the foods & drinks they will be serving. Let’s just say the chips are made FRESH in house, and the chipolte meatballs are amazing! I also feel in LOVE with Threshing Bee, a local boutique. They had some super cute items, at good prices!

The area is nice & open. Many of the restaurants have indoor & outdoor seating. Plus, there are chairs along the road for you to stop and relax. It’s very family friendly with both Pinstripes (bowling), Cinetopia (movies) and the Prairie Fire Museum.

I can’t wait to head back and experience all of the new things Prairie Fire has to offer!!

Here are a few pics from the opening:


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House Cleaning – Air Conditioner

As some of you already know, I LOVE Real Simple. I’m going to start sharing a few of their tips for cleaning your house….

Air conditioners: When your ACs are in use (hopefully VERY soon), it’s smart to clean them monthly so they don’t get listless on the hottest days of summer. First turn off the power & pop off the front panel. Remove the spongy filter & soak it in the sink in equal parts warm water & white vinegar for about an hour. Use the vacuum’s crevice attachment on the coils. After you’ve replaced the filter (wait until it’s dry) and the front panel, dust the exterior and the control buttons with a disinfecting wipe. Have central air? Once a season, unscrew the vent covers & clean the slats on both sides with a damn cloth.

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Cut your risk for Identity Theft!

Identity theft has always been a problem, but it seems to be in the news a lot more these days. I’m sure everyone heard of the big security breach with Target. It’s hard to protect yourself 100%, but there are a few things you CAN do to help prevent identity theft.

Here are a few suggestions from ShopSmart Magazine:

One of the easiest ways to avoid Identity Theft is to get smart about shredding. Any paperwork that lists credit-card, checking-account information, social security numbers or other personal data should be shredded. A few items that should ALWAYS be shredded:

– Credit-card Information – Expired credit cards and prescreened credit-card offers and applications (even if they contain incorrect data).
– Monthly Bills – if you bank online and don’t need the portion of the bill you would enclose with your check in the return envelope, shred them ASAP. Those payment coupons may contain your full account number.
– Workplace Documents – Shred your pay stubs, 1099s and any other tax-related papers that are more than seven years old.
– Financial Statements – Monthly or quarterly statements from your bank, credit-card companies, 401(k) administrator, broker, etc.
– IDs – That includes all old ID cards, expired licenses, and anything with your Social Security number on it.
– Medical Forms – They could include a member ID number.
– Mail from a Financial Institution – Even documents that don’t have account info can leave you exposed.
– Mail from Companies you’ve done Business with – Thieves could call you masquerading as a rep from, say, a hotel you’ve stayed in recently and try to trick you into disclosing info.

Of course there are other ways that Identity Thieves can get you information, but these are a few great tips to help avoid it.

Where any of these new to you??

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December Decluttering Tips

(Courtesy of Home Storage Solutions)

December 2013

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Are You Ready For Winter?

Winterize your home

Does anyone else get the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine? It’s full of a lot of great ideas & tips!

I found a great article in the Fall 2013 issue about getting ready for Winter. It’s not too late to check these things out:

Test Detectors – Test all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Replace batteries if necessary.

Check for Air Leaks – Insulate windows with weather stripping or clear shrink-film covers.

Clean & Shine – Dust blinds and curtains and wash windows. Check for proper operation.

Service the Furnace – Have your furnace checked. Get a new filter. Filters should be replaced about once a month.

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Long Time No Blog…..

I just looked back and I have not posted a “personal” blog since APRIL!! Wow. Trust me, I’ve thought about lots of posts and I have lots of things to update, I just haven’t had time (ok, or felt like blogging).

Instead of boring you with long stories, I’ll try to give you a BRIEF overview of all the exciting things that have gone on in my life since April!

– I did my first 5.5 mile run with Fusion Fitness to celebrate their 5th Birthday. We started at their OP Location with a 30min class, then ran (5.5 miles) to their Leawood location (stopping a few times for short workouts) and did another 30min class.
– Since I couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with my own mom, I walked the Mother’s Day 5k with Jen & Harper then went to see Jillian Michael’s – talk about inspiring!
– I finally left the world of PCs and joined the MAC world. No, I am not 100% certain that was the right decision, but we (my computer & I) are SLOWLY becoming friends.
– I found an electrician I trust and now my house is SAFE!! That means no more “mood lighting” when I run multiple things at the same time. (this is a big deal)
– I ended May with a visit to Madison to celebrate my cousin Janna’s Bachelorette party (we stayed at an amazing spa – Sundara, you must go if you are in the Dells) and spent some time with my Granny.

– June was a busy month for Real Estate. In addition to finding first time home buyers a new home, I got a contract on a condo I’d had listed for THREE years! woohoo!
– I participated in the Dirty Girl. Yes, you read that correctly, I, Jodi Danziger participated in a race that got me MUDDY!! I survived, though they almost had to push me in at the beginning.

– July started off with a trip to New Jersey (and the Jersey Shore) over 4th of July to celebrate my cousin Crescent’s bachelorette party! Sand, Sun & Fun with my Cousins (and their friends) – need I say more!
– I celebrated my birthday with some friends trying something new – Aerial Fitness! Talk about a blast! We all had a great time hanging from ribbons!
– I went to my first Sporting Kansas City Soccer game with Addi – what fun!
– I was able to relive my youth (and my first concert!!) at the Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block & 98 degrees concert.


– We (mom, dad, Jer & I) BOUGHT A LIMO COMPANY!!!! Who would have ever thought those words would have come out of my mouth! But I am not now one of the proud owners of Presidential Limousines in St Louis! I will be doing all of the marketing & social media from Kansas City. Of course I had to make a trip to St Louis to see my new vehicles (all 7 – now 8) of them!
– The same week we bought the limo company, I also changed Real Estate offices. I am still with Re/Max just in a different location!
– I ended August with a trip to NYC with my brother (before my cousins wedding). We went to see The Today Show taped live (Chris Brown performed) and we got to see WICKED on Broadway!! In addition to shopping, eating & a run through Central Park.




– After our stop in NYC, Jer & I met the rest of the family in New Jersey to celebrate my beautiful cousin Crescent’s wedding! She looked BEAUTIFUL and we had a great time!
– September 15 I ran the Plaza 10k. My first & longest run to date! I was so thankful to have my best friend Cassy running alongside me, pacing my run & keeping me motivated. I was also lucky enough to have my friends Jen & Mel at the finish line cheering me on! Despite the pain I felt that evening, I am still VERY proud of this accomplishment. (If you remember, I ran my first 5k this year and just last year could barely run 1 mile. I do think that 10k is my body’s limit!)
– My second wedding of September was my friend Darcy! She got married at Lake Quivera which was an amazing view & the bride was equally as stunning!
– I ended September with a trip back to Madison for my cousin Janna’s wedding. I know I said it for the others, but she too was a beautiful bride! There is something about a girl in a wedding dress, marrying the man of their dreams that just makes them glow! Janna was no different!




– October was my catch up month! I didn’t do anything AS exciting as the rest of the year, but I was still busy with Real Estate, Law Assistant work & of course the new Limo Business.
– The girls (pups) did get a new best friend – Tillie Mae & she & her brother Odie spent a week with us while their parents were out of town.
– One of my favorite little girls – Harper turned ONE!


– November has started off GREAT!! I took Addi to her FIRST KU Basketball game. She had a blast. As we walked into Allen Field House, she looked around and said “this is the best birthday gift ever.” Worth EVERY penny.
– I saw PINK in concert!!!!!! If you have the chance, go see her! Amazing!
Jodi & Addi - KU game Nov 2013

So that’s what’s been going on. This was a bit longer than I thought, but I have had an AMAZING 2013, full of fun, friends & adventure. I’m so thankful for all that I have been able to do this year!!

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November Decluttering Calendar

(Courtesy of Home Storage Solutions)

November 2013

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To Flush or Not to Flush?

To Flush or Not to Flush?
(Courtesy of KCWater Services)

Flushing the wrong items can damage the sewer system, cause sewer backups in your home, and cause sewer overflows which damage the environment. The only items you should flush down a toilet is human waste (urine & feces) and toilet paper. Here is a list of items to keep out of the toilet:
– Automotive fluids
– Bandages & bandage wrappings
– Chewing gum
– Cigarette butts
– Cleaning wipes of any kind
– Condoms
– Cotton balls & swabs
– Dental floss
– Disposable diapers
– Facial tissue
– Grease
– Paint, solvents, sealants & thinners
– Poisons & hazardous waste
– Sanitary napkins
– Tampons & tampon applicators
– Unused medications

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