The new way to get around – a SEGWAY!!

When I originally started this blog I was “touring” Kansas City. If slacked quite a bit in the last year or so on those adventures…BUT I went on a fabulous adventure last Friday! I toured The Plaza on a SEGWAY!!!

It was my friend Terri’s Birthday so I took her along with me! There were two other people on the tour along with our guide Sam. We had the “watered down” tour of the plaza. I wish I could remember all the cool facts he told us, but of course I forgot most of them. The most important – JC Nichols was a KU fan!! Oh, and Kansas City has a sister city in Italy that has many of the same fountains and buildings.

I won’t lie, I was the last to get on my segway (therefore the one with the least amount of practice) and I was a bit crazy at first!! I couldn’t figure out how to slow down or stop. I “may” have run into a light pole to stop. haha. BUT, I did quickly get the hang of it (it helps when your feet are centered!!!) and had a GREAT time. I can’t wait to go back again!!

If you are interested, check out They offer FOUR different tours in the Kansas City area. My office bought a bunch of groupons so let me know before you go in case we have some left! And I could be easily persuaded to go again!!!

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