Put Your Best Features Forward

Put Your Best Features Forward

You may be covering up some of your home’s best features! Here are a few staging tips to help put these features in the spotlight during showings:

Roomy Kitchen Countertops
Put extras away. Do not have more than 3 appliances on your countertop – fewer for a smaller counter space. Remove extras such as knife blocks, phones & baskets.
Highlight special features. If your home has a center island, make it a focal point by adding a vase of flowers. If the island is big enough, add place settings and bar stools. If the kitchen doesn’t have an island but has room for one, bring in a portable one to add counter space.
Add Color. Try placing kitchen canisters on the counter for color, interest and balance.

Hot-Selling Fireplace
Accessorize. Try colorful artwork or a mirror hanging over the fireplace. Use accessories sparingly on the mantel.
Modernize. Remove dated brass screens.
Paint. A painted accent wall helps highlight a fireplace. Try earthy, creamy tons for the accent wall, or choose a paint color two or three shades darker than the other walls to create monochromatic harmony in the room.
Position. Make the fireplace the focal point.

Spacious Built-iins
Accent key colors. When selecting knicknacks to displace, look to the room’s color palette for inspiration.
Balance. To create a cohesive feel, all items should have similar visual weight, as either a group or a stand-alone piece. Other good pics for staging shelves: small-scale framed art, mirrors, candles & small pots of greenery or flowers.
Prioritize. Focus on the shelves at eye level first.

Also remember: Don’t cover up unique home features!

(tips courtesy of Realtors Magazine)

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