5 Front Entry Fix-ups

We were all taught when we were younger that you “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. but let’s be honest, if your home doesn’t have good curb appeal, it will be judged!!

Boosting your homes curb appeal can be done in a few simple steps (courtesy of Lowes):

1. Add lighting. Exterior lights illuminate house numbers and focus the eye on the entry. Having exterior lights on also makes your home safer & deters would be robbers. (I was told this last tip by the KCPD a few years ago and since they I always have my lights on at night!)

2. Upgrade the door. Consider the front door as an introduction to your home. By using an install-ready prehung door, you can make this upgrade in a day. (another safety tip: make sure you buy a solid wood or steel door)

3. Call-out with color. Brush on a fresh coat of paint to make your entry pop. Make sure the color works well with the rest of the house color & landscaping.

4. Re-face the steps. Turn a dull concrete stoop into a showpiece by capping it with stone.

5. Plant a couple of containers. Large potted plants visually anchor an entry and provide a burst of color. Just make sure the containers you put them in are weatherproof.

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