Easy Bathroom Redos

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The bathroom, after the kitchen, is one of the top rooms buyers look at when deciding on which home to buy. Bathroom remodels can be very expensive, but there are a few things you can do to freshen up your existing bathroom.

Here are a few tips from ShopSmart Magazine.

– Tranquil tones. The quickest and easiest way to make over a bathroom is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Designers favor palettes that create a soothing, spa-like feel. Deep, dark hues such as burgundy and eggplant work particularly well in small baths and powder rooms.

– Layered lighting. New fixtures can brighten a gloomy bath in more ways than one, by adding a stylish detail and upgrading task lighting for grooming. Use dimmer switches. Put fixtures on dimmer switches so that light levels can be adjusted.

– Discrete toilets. The newest bathroom designs keep the toilet as discrete as possible. If you can’t hide the toilet, consider a sleeker one-piece model, which eliminates that dirt-trapping seam between the tank and the bowl. Consider an energy efficiency toilet which uses less water.

– Sleek sinks. The sink is the centerpiece of the bathroom. Porcelain is the most popular, but glass and even stainless steel are quickly gaining in popularity. Update the faucet. A new design and finish can give an old sink a fresh look and feel.

– Streamlined vanities. Two-sink vanities are great if you have the room, but if space is tight, a single bowl makes more sense. Shop for remnants if you are looking for a new countertop. These leftover pieces from other jobs are available at many stone yards and are often sold at deep discount. In the Kansas City area, you can check out Habitat Restore.

– Power Showers. Sumptuous soaking tubs might sound great in real-estate ads, but the trend today is for spacious showers with pulsating shower heads and multiple body body sprays. Make a change. Adding a stylish new shower head is fairly easy and a quick update.

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